Vpaper Tower turns any paper into lay-flat paper


sheets per hour:


max. grammage:
250 gr


max. paper size:
320 x 320 mm


max. power:
1000 watt


Lay-flat finishing

The Vpaper Tower has been designed to turn any paper into lay-flat paper, one by one. To ensure that every single sheet of printed materials of any kind lay open effortlessly, this innovative technology breaks the fibre of the paper through a three-step process.
The result of a lay-flat book or presentation which is easy to read and write on.
Vpaper vs regular paper

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About Vpaper

Vpaper is a brand of Peleman Industries. The patented Vpaper ensures that bound presentations of any size lay completely flat, offering a convenient user experience. Vpaper is produced on the Vpaper Tower.

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