Making photo books lay completely flat is the talk of the day.


When it comes to that much desired lay-flat effect, up until now, the focus has been on top of the range hard-cover photo books. These, however, have long been perceived as high-priced solutions reserved for life’s greatest events only. On top of that, the lay-flat finish makes them even more expensive and often out of the price range for many.

Not anymore!

Peleman Industries presents: Vpaper Tower

The Vpaper Tower brings you the perfect lay-flat solution, that ensures that photo books of all kinds, including your popular soft-cover photo books, lay flat effortlessly.

Workflow & Technical Information

The Vpaper Tower completes your workflow right after the printing and cutting stages and just before the binding process. Binding can be done with any common method, such as perfect binding systems.

   Print images on oversized paper

   Cut sheets to the size of the book

   Run them through the Vpaper Tower

   Bind and finish your photo book

Workflow Vpaper Tower

Benefits of Vpaper Tower

  • Vpaper Tower can work independently without an operator on the side

  • Any of your preferred paper from 70 to 250 g/m² can be turned into lay-flat paper

  • Thanks to the Vpaper Technology, soft-cover photo books produced with perfect binders will also lay open effortlessly. This eliminates the need to put pressure on the spine to keep the album open. As a result, the PUR glue is not mandatory

  • Enhances the user experience by turning double-sided printed sheets into lay-flat pages

  • The Vpaper Tower ensures that both hard-cover as well as soft-cover photo books lay open effortlessly

  • Maximum productivity: the most efficient way to create lay-flat paper

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