Vpaper, for a perfect lay-flat document


What can Vpaper do for you?

The combination of three techniques, creasing, folding and pressing, twists the paper near the edge, ensuring that bound documents of any size lay completely flat.
Each sheet is marked with a special ink, protecting your documents against counterfeit and forgery fraud and allowing you to customise Vpaper with your own logo or message.
The high-quality Vpaper allows you to print on both sides of the sheet without compromising on quality, reducing your paper consumption by as much as 30 percent.

Standard Vpaper comes in 80 g/m², 120 g/m² and 160 g/m². Smooth print and copy paper in both portrait and landscape format.


  • The ready-made Vpaper is easy to use
  • The Vpaper doesn't jam
  • Quality paper with a smooth feeling
  • Very nice to write on
  • Hybrid paper for both laser and inkjet printing
  • Both sides are printable

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About Vpaper

Vpaper is a brand of Peleman Industries. The patented Vpaper ensures that bound presentations of any size lay completely flat, offering a convenient user experience. Vpaper is produced on the Vpaper Tower.

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