Nearly 80 years of History of the Peleman Group


Peleman Industries’ history dates back to 1939 when Peleman-Saerens was founded in Puurs, Belgium, by the parents of Guido Peleman, the acting CEO and chairman since 1973. Saturday, January 3rd, 1976 was a memorable day when Ruisbroek, a township of Puurs, was flooded with the company premises and the family home being at the centre of this natural disaster. Twice a day for three consecutive weeks, the water level rose with the tides to one metre. Everything was destroyed, all machines, all goods and all products. During these days, Carla Peleman-Lolli joined the management as general manager to restart the company. The flood eventually marked the beginning of a new direction for Peleman; a more international approach with the development of high-quality products for offices around the world.



The Birth of Unibind

Unibind 45New habits in offices and in our private life have revolutionised our society over the past 80 years. The first change in our micro-cosmos of presentation of printed documents was the appearance of computers in offices in the 70’s, which resulted in a shift from the traditional bound company books to single printed pages which then had to be bound for customers, directors and governmental organisations. The year 1979 marked an important milestone for the group with the invention of the Unibind system and the foundation of Unibind Limited in Cyprus to produce and sell Unibind products worldwide. The birth of UniBind was directly related to the growing need for easy in-house binding systems for all kinds of documents in offices. In 1984, already more than 100.000 binding machines were sold in 80 countries around the world. In 1989, due to the strong expansion of sales through more than 20 subsidiaries, Unibind Limited became the holding company of the group and Unibind Manufacturing Limited was created to spearhead the production and distribution of UniBind products through a global network of our Corporate customers. Since 1995, Alessio Mugnai is CEO of the Cyprus-based subsidiary, Unibind Manufacturing Limited.

The second change marked a milestone in the development of our covers, when binding became a commodity, therefore the process had to be fast and simple. The new patented solution came from the SteelBinding system during the mid-90’s with SteelCovers with steel in the spine and with new UniBind machines.


Continuous Growth

The USA subsidiary in Alpharetta is led by Brigitte Peleman-Vantieghem since its foundation in 1998.
The Belgian subsidiary in Puurs, Belgium is led by Esmeralda Peleman, who joined the group in 1999.



Seal of Approval from Apple

The third change was prompted by the photo industry after switching from pictures on Silver Halide Photographic Paper to digital print on ordinary paper, creating the PhotoBook, the book with printed pages bound in a cover. Our UniCover Hard was selected in 2006 by Steve Jobs to be the cover for his Apple Photobook. This recognition enabled the group to enter the photo business and partner with Kodak, Fuji and other well-known players in the market. As a result, besides the PhotoBooks, a wide range of photo products have been developed over the past years, including the UniPanels, UniMagnets and UniClamp, among others. All photo related products are sold under the PhotoMore brand. To further enhance the possibilities of personalisation of the UniBind and PhotoMore products, since 2013 a number of new solutions, such as the UniFoilPrinters and the CasePlanos with the CaseMakers, have been introduced.



Going Greener

In developing new products, our group has always been extremely cautious about the environment, using the most-possible amount of recycled raw materials for all of our consumables. In line with our eco-commitment, in 2011, two giant windmills (110 metres high and 2,4 MW each) were installed at the premises of Peleman Industries NV in Puurs, delivering around 80% of the required electricity.



Introducing Vpaper

UniBinder 8.2Vpaper TowerThe fourth change was the result of the growing popularity of portables like tablets and phones, that have since become the perfect extensions of printed bound documents, the hard copy versions of any communication. Today, UniBind brings the “always perfect” solution to its customers with the UniCovers and UniBinders, which thanks to the crimping of the spine, always ensure impeccable end results.  The group’s latest invention, Vpaper revolutionises the reading of any bound book or booklet as it lays flat without any effort. Vpaper can be produced at any print shop by the Vpaper Tower.
Vpaper reinforces the high quality of the UniCovers and is perfect for all binding methods, including staples and perfect binding, among others. Vpaper makes the perforation of documents for plastic combs or Wir-O obsolete since it lays completely flat, ensuring that documents of any size are easy to ready and easy to write on. Vpaper brings a revolutionary solution to the world of printed books and booklets.

Our three product lines, UniBind, PhotoMore and Vpaper are sold to our three customer groups, including corporate, retail, and graphic industry, thanks to the daily commitment of all the staff members of all companies of the Peleman Group, guided by the directors, Guido Peleman, Carla Peleman-Lolli, Brigitte Peleman-Vantieghem, Esmeralda Peleman and Alessio Mugnai.

About Vpaper

V Paper is a brand of PELEMAN. The patented V Paper ensures that bound presentations of any size lay completely flat, offering a convenient user experience. V Paper is produced on the V Paper Tower.

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