Lay-flat Solution

Peleman Industries’ latest innovation, Vpaper presents the ultimate lay-flat solution. Thanks to two unique double twists near the edge of the paper, Vpaper allows printed presentations of all kinds to lay open effortlessly. From company documents to offers, magazines and photobooks, Vpaper adds extra value to any printed document.

Vpaper is a sheet of paper twisted near the edge of every sheet. The combination of three techniques, creasing, folding and pressing, creates a double twist on one side of the paper while preserving its quality, ensuring that bound documents of any size lay completely flat and are easy to read and write on. While conventional binding systems with Wire-O, combs or spirals allow the presentation to lay flat and stay open, holes and rings significantly weaken the quality of the document often resulting in teared paper and unprofessional looking presentations. In addition, these methods also require serious labour, taking users away from their more important tasks. How to eliminate these labour-intensive and damaging operations has long been a burning question for both office users as well as professionals working in the printing and book binding industries.

Save valuable time by skipping the previously required extra steps for adjusting the machine, punching holes and inserting wires just to achieve that much desired lay-flat effect. With Vpaper, you can create professional-looking lay-flat documents without any supplementary equipment from the comfort of your office. Simply place a stack of Vpaper in the paper tray of your printer, press print, bind your document with any binding method and enjoy your high-quality lay-flat presentation. From the simplest staple solution to thermal or channel binding or even perfect binding, Vpaper works perfectly with any binding method, delivering the same impeccable lay-flat result at all times. Apart from a comfortable reading and writing experience, documents bound with Vpaper are also easy to photocopy, without losing any part of the original print.

Save money and labour by using Vpaper even in your perfect binding machines. The completely lay-flat finish ensures easy reading and writing, eliminating the need from the user’s side to put pressure on the spine, thus allowing perfect binders to turn to more affordable glue alternatives – all while still delivering the absolute lay-flat finish. Vpaper does not require any extra investment as it works with any binding method and any cover, ensuring that your bound books are easy to read and write on.

Gain a competitive edge by adding value to all your printed documents. Present your services and yourself in a professional way with documents that reflect the values you and your company stand for.

About Vpaper

V Paper is a brand of PELEMAN. The patented V Paper ensures that bound presentations of any size lay completely flat, offering a convenient user experience. V Paper is produced on the V Paper Tower.

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