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Vpaper is a high-quality print and copy paper that allows users to print on both sides of the sheet, significantly reducing paper consumption while further improving the quality and aesthetic appeal of the presentation. 
Available in 120g/m2 - 32lb and 160g/m2 - 43lb in A4 and letter size in both portrait as well as landscape format, Vpaper delivers impeccable results even when printing multicoloured designs or photos on both sides of the sheet – all while allowing your bound presentations to lay and stay open for easy reading and writing. While duplex printing indeed reduces your paper consumption and the total amount spent on your printed documents, when using low-opacity paper, this results in translucent prints and an unpleasant see-through effect from the reverse side.

In order to avoid sacrificing the value and prestige of the presentation, offices all around the world turn to thicker, almost completely opaque paper, which allows users to print on both sides without any transparency. 
Thicker pages, however, create stiff documents that are hard to keep open. Peleman Industries invested years of research and development to deliver the perfect solution: Vpaper.

By allowing duplex printing, Vpaper helps to reduce your organisaton’s paper consumption by as much as 30 percent, further enhancing your green initiatives. Thanks to a double-twist near the edge of the paper, Vpaper allows you to create professional-looking lay-flat presentations at the comfort of your office without the need to outsource the production of your documents, resulting in significant cost reductions. In addition, as a hybrid paper, Vpaper is ideal for both laser as well as inkjet printers, allowing you to keep a lower paper inventory at your organisation. Perfect for any binding method from your long-trusted stapler to thermal binding or even perfect binding, switching to our Vpaper reams does not require any additional equipment or investment. Reduce your paper consumption with Vpaper.

About Vpaper

V Paper is a brand of PELEMAN. The patented V Paper ensures that bound presentations of any size lay completely flat, offering a convenient user experience. V Paper is produced on the V Paper Tower.

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