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Secure your printed documents without investing in pricey systems by using Vpaper.  

Protecting printed documents of a sensitive nature against counterfeit, forgery and spurious copies has long been a sincere concern for organisations of all kinds. To prevent any misdemeanour, a slew of appropriate measures has been put in place with many companies investing serious money in enhancing the security of their printed information. On the other hand, with cyber intrusions becoming more commonplace and more sophisticated, making your organisation immune to these kind of threats is crucial. To minimise the risk associated with a breach in compliance many are going to extreme lengths, often resulting in additional duties for employees and unnecessary expenses for the company. Vpaper presents the ultimate security solution that ensures that your printed documents are safeguarded against any misconduct without splurging on overpriced systems.

To prevent counterfeit, each and every sheet of Vpaper is marked with a unique ink and number, significantly enhancing the security levels of your important documents. This subtle yet powerful detail ensures that your printed information is protected against any unethical behaviour, taking the weight off your shoulders and making it impossible for anyone to replicate the same sheet of paper. Beyond a heightened level of protection, this distinctive feature also allows organisations of all kinds to further improve their image and brand recognition and add extra value to their documents by incorporating their own logo or message in every sheet of paper used by company.

Enhance the security of your printed documents while building stronger brand awareness by showcasing your logo in a subtle way on the right or left side of the fold line on every single sheet. Just place the pre-marked Vpaper in the paper tray of your printer, press “print”, bind your documents like you do it now and feel safer knowing that your documents are protected by a subtle yet effective guard.

About Vpaper

V Paper is a brand of PELEMAN. The patented V Paper ensures that bound presentations of any size lay completely flat, offering a convenient user experience. V Paper is produced on the V Paper Tower.

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