Making photo books lay completely flat is the talk of the day.


When it comes to that much desired lay-flat effect, up until now, the focus has been on hardcover photo books. These, however, have long been perceived as high-priced solutions with the lay-flat finish making them even more expensive.

Not anymore!

Peleman Industries presents: Vpaper Tower

The Vpaper Tower brings you the perfect solution that ensures that photo books of all kinds, including your softcover photo books, stay open.

Workflow & Technical Information

The Vpaper Tower completes your workflow right after the printing and cutting stages and just before the binding process. Binding can be done with any common method, such as perfect binding systems.

Option 1

   Run your blank paper through the Vpaper Tower

   Print on the paper

   Cut sheets to size

   Bind and finish your photo book

Workflow Vpaper Tower Option 1

Option 2

   Print images on oversized paper

   Cut sheets to the size of the book

   Run them through the Vpaper Tower

   Bind and finish your photo book

Workflow Vpaper Tower

Gain a competitive edge with Vpaper Tower

Add value to your photo books and capture extra business

  • Enhance the user experience by turning any paper into pages that stay open

  • Increase efficiency: just load the paper and collect it at the end of the process

  • Unlock your possibilities by using it on any paper from 70 to 250 g/m2

  • Take your business to the next level by using Vpaper Tower on softcover photo books bound with perfect binders. Vpaper eliminates the need to put pressure on the spine and as a result, the PUR glue is not mandatory

  • Stand out from the competition by offering soft- and hardcover photo books that stay open

  • Maximise productivity by using the most effective way to create books that stay open

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