The V Paper Tower turns any paper into lay-flat paper


The V Paper Tower twists the paper in 3 steps

The V Paper Tower turns any paper into lay-flat paper by twisting every single page near the edge through a three-step process.

Step 1
First, the paper is being creased.
Step 2
The paper is being folded exactly on the crease in both directions.
Step 3
The fold is being pressed to ensure the ultimate lay-flat effect.
The 3 steps are repeated on a parallel line to ensure that even the middle pages of thicker photo books lay flat.

Technical information

Speed                          6.000 sheets/hour
Weight per m2      min. 70g/m², max. 250g/m² of any paper type
Paper Width              Min: 60 mm - Max: 480 mm
Fold length                Min: 170 mm - Max: 320 mm
Electrical power by 220 Volt      1.000 Watt
Small footprint       L 1,2 m x W 0,8 m x H 2,5 m
No warm-up time, high efficiency

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About Vpaper

V Paper is a brand of PELEMAN. The patented V Paper ensures that bound presentations of any size lay completely flat, offering a convenient user experience. V Paper is produced on the V Paper Tower.

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