Vpaper A4 portrait 80 gr

Quality copy paper for a perfect lay-flat document.

Vpaper now brings you the perfect solution which ensures that regardless of the number of sheets, your document lays flat.

Vpaper is a sheet of paper twisted with a double-fold near the edge of every sheet which can then be bound together with triple staples, perfect binding machines or UniBind binding systems. The result is a completely lay-flat book which is easy to read and write on.

Readers of your documents always expect the best-possible printed presentations from you. From now on, you are also able to offer them the best lay-flat finishing solution.

Price per box of 2800 sheets:

Features and Benefits

  • 2800 sheets per box
  • Portrait
  • 80gr
  • Format A4
  • Inkjet as laser printer
  • Easy for making notes
  • Easy reading
  • Gives your presentation that something extra


  • Contracts
  • Product presentations
  • Company brochures
  • Offers
  • Portfolios
  • Many more

About Vpaper

Vpaper is a brand of Peleman Industries. The patented Vpaper ensures that bound presentations of any size lay completely flat, offering a convenient user experience. Vpaper is produced on the Vpaper Tower.

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